Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency call Campus Security: +46 (0)8 16 22 16 or +46 (0)8 16 42 00

Stockholm University security personnel are on campus around the clock. Security guards are from Tempest Security. Tell them where you are in Geovetenskaps hus (in English the Geoscience Building).

The general emergency number in Sweden is 112

When calling 112 for ambulance, fire brigade or police please give the street address (see signs in every lecture hall, seminar room and corridor). The entrance to Hus U is Svante Arrhenius väg 12 and the entrance to Hus Y is Svante Arrhenius väg 14 (hus = house).

To anonymously report any crimes, threats, harassment or other security related problems call +46 (0)8 16 11 55 (this is an answering machine without caller ID at the Section for Safety and Security). 

The number to the police in Stockholm is +46 (0)8 114 14.

First Response


There are 3 defibrillators in Geovetenskaps hus. These are all located on the second floor in Hus U by the help desk, Hus Y by the elevator and in Hus S house by the maintenance office. When a defibrillator is removed from the wall mount an alarm sounds and the campus security is alerted.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are available at the help desk on the second floor.

Resting Rooms

If you are feeling ill and need to lie down please ask our staff to lead you to one of our resting rooms.


The nearest hospital is Danderyds sjukhus (sjukhus is hospital in English). This can be reached most quickly by subway with Danderyds sjukhus just two stops north of the university station. If at anytime you need medical help please contact any staff member.

In Case of Fire


If a fire breaks out the greatest risk in general is the smoke, which can be lethally toxic. Additional risks in laboratories are gas explosions or exposure to harmful substances or gas release in the event of a chemical spill. The degree of the smoke’s toxicity depends on what substance is burning. Because you may not know for sure what is burning and how toxic the smoke is, you must always assume that the smoke is dangerous. Smoke lulls, asphyxiates and can kill people. Do not ever take chances with smoke!


First save those who are in immediate danger, that is, people who cannot take care of themselves, need assistance or are injured, in shock, or in panic.


Ensure that the fire service has been alerted about the fire. A designated representative of the departments will call by mobile telephone from the assembly point to the emergency number 112.


Warn people who are unaware that fire has broken out and that an evacuation should take place. Shout out that the building is on fire. Motivate everyone to go out! Follow the evacuation leader’s instructions when he/she is searching the building and getting people outside to safety.


For minor incidents when you are in the immediate vicinity of the fire and can see that the fire is limited, you can take action. Extinguish the fire with hand-held fire extinguishers available on the premises if you judge that it is possible to do so. Note however, when the smoke rises to and starts to spread on the ceiling, you should leave the scene immediately and evacuate.


You should NEVER use the elevator for evacuation of a building. The elevator can stop as a result of the fire.


Evacuate immediately when risk to life or health is apparent, that is, when the fire alarm sounds or when evacuation orders are given by the police, emergency service, the fire protection officer or other coordinator such as your evacuation leader. Please note the escape route in each room and area, these are marked with a green sign.

Assembly Point

In case of evacuation, all people in the building where the alarm sounds must gather at the assembly location, which is the grass field south of the Geoscience Building. The groups should stand away from the entrance of the building.


Together, the group determines whether anyone is missing. Inform the evacuation officer of anyone who might be left in the building. The evacuation leaders will then report back to the fire protection officer who in turn reports directly to the rescue service or police. Stay at the assembly point until told otherwise.

General Precautions

Smoking is prohibited in all buildings at Stockholm University.

Unfortunately, since the university buildings are public, we have had problems with thefts. As such we recommend that you never leave valuables unattended in the building. Bring bags and clothing into the lecture halls.

In parts of Geovetenskaps hus where offices are located (Hus R, S, T and X) doors are locked at 17.00. If you enter some stairwells after this point it is not possible to exit without a pass card. We recommend staying in Hus U and Y for this reason.