Practical Information

Getting to Stockholm

Please consider using low carbon emission transport to the meeting. Trains within Sweden can be booked on SJ for most cities and MTR express for selected destinations. Check your local train provider for services towards Sweden or use an on-line tool such as MTR express or Happyrail amongst many others. It is also possible to take the ferry to Stockholm from destinations around the Baltic via Tallink, Viking Line or St. Peter Line.

There are two international airports in Stockholm. Arlanda (ARN) is the larger international airport. You can get to the city from Arlanda by taxi (stand outside arrivals terminal), bus, shared taxi or by a 20-minute trip on the express train, the Arlanda Express. Bromma (BMA) is a smaller airport flying to a number of Swedish, and a few European, destinations. Transport from the city to Bromma is via taxi or bus (SL or Flygbussarna)


The standard for accommodation in Sweden is generally high. There is a range of budget to luxury options and we suggest using an online search tool or a booking agency to find your accommodation. Please do book early as the conference coincides with the start of vacation and the tourist season.

Cash is no longer King

In Sweden it is not very common to pay by cash and indeed, some places no longer take cash so be prepared to pay by card. (An exception to this is the conference pub which will only take cash). Also note that the money has been updated last year so if you have notes or coins from previous trips to Sweden it is likely you can no longer use them.

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at Stockholm University at the Frescati campus. There are several ways to the university. You can take the red line on the subway (T-bana in Swedish) to the Universitetet stop (ca 8 min from the Central Station). It is also possible to take Bus 50 or 540 to the stop Universitet Norra or the commuter train (Roslagsbanan) to the stop Universitetet. A public transport travel planner for Stockholm is available in English from SL. Here you will also find information on travel cards, which is the best option if you plan to use public transport during your stay. These can be bought at the SL Center at the Central Station or at most convenience stores. It is also possible to rent bikes to get around the city with CityBikes.

Plenary sessions will take place in Aula Magna (right auditorium). Parallel sessions will be held at both Aula Magna and the Geohus, which is located just across the lawn. Pre-conference courses and poster sessions will be held at the Geohus.