Posters Talks

Your poster talk is your chance to pitch your work to the audience and attract them to your poster. You will be given only 3 minutes so a suggestion is to keep your presentation to 1 slide. Mail this slide to ipa.ial.2018 at at the latest the day before your poster talk. Please name your file as follows: SXXY-Last name where XX is your session number and Y is the order you have been given as per the schedule. When your allotted Poster Talk session starts please go to the front of the room and line up as informed by the convenor at the start of the session.


Posters should be in portrait A0 size (841x1189 mm or 33.1x46.8 inches). You are expected to be at your poster during the appropriate poster session. Please consult the poster lists found by the help desk on the second floor to find where you should place your poster. This will be in one of three places: Y21, Y23 or on the third floor outside of Nordenskioldsalen. Materials for putting up the posters will be provided. Any posters left up after the allotted times will be removed and discarded.

Monday Poster Session


  • S01: Novel Techniques
  • S07: Diatoms
  • S10: Climate Modes
  • S18: Arid Zone Lakes
  • S20: Varves
  • S21: Ecosystem Recovery
  • S22: Limnogeology
  • S25: Wetlands and Sponsor posters.

These posters must be up 8:15 of the same day and be removed by Tuesday at lunch.

Wednesday Poster Session


  • S03: DNA
  • S04: Quantitative Techniques
  • S05: Carbon Dynamics
  • S06: Nutrients
  • S08: Rain Gauges
  • S09: Hydroclimate Variability
  • S11: Varied Response
  • S13: Shallow-Lakes
  • S14: Arctic Lakes
  • S15: African Lakes
  • S16: Tropical Lakes
  • S17: Mountain Lakes
  • S19: Carbonate Lakes
  • S23: Landscapes
  • S24: Geological record
  • S27: General Topics

Your poster should be up no later than 8:15 of the same day and be removed by Thursday at lunch.


Each slot is 15 minutes long so your talk should be 12 minutes allowing for 3 minutes of questions. We request that you submit your talk to the help desk on the 2nd floor of the Geohus the day before your presentation at the latest.  For those of you speaking Monday please submit your talk at the icebreaker if possible. Otherwise you can submit before the opening ceremonies at Aula Magna.

Your slide size can be XGA (1024x768) 4:3, or WXGA (1280x800) 16:10.