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Welcome to the IPA-IAL 2018 conference in Stockholm | June 18–21

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place at Restaurant Q (Osquldas väg 4), which is on the campus of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). KTH can be accessed by the subway stop Tekniska Högskolan which is just one stop away from the university. It is also possible to walk (ca 2 km) from the conference venue to this restaurant via a nicely wooded area with walking and cycling paths. We should be seated by 19.30 so please allow time for transport to the restaurant.

For Your Arrival in Stockholm

Once you arrive on the university campus (red line on the subway to Universitet) make your way first to Aula Magna to pick up your registration. During registration you will receive your conference pack and badge. This badge will be your ticket to all conference events so please keep it on at all times. Do not lose your badge as it cannot be replaced. Please bring proof of payment if you have paid by invoice. Campus map

For those of you attending the ice breaker on Sunday, registration is open 17.00 to 20.00 and we request that you pick up your registration at Aula Magna first. The ice breaker is held in Geovetenskaps hus. Please bring along your poster if you are presenting in the Monday poster session.

The opening ceremonies as well as all plenaries and award ceremonies are held in Aula Magna. Our meeting is located in the right hand auditorium, entrances C and D (Hörsal höger, ingång C and D). There is another conference being held at Aula Magna at the same time but they are in the left hand auditorium. If you need help look for someone wearing a Bolin Centre T-shirt.

The pub is run by our student association “Geoklubben” and they are only allowed to sell alcohol to a closed group. As such, you need to have your badge to buy drinks. They only accept cash. There are three bars spread throughout the building where you can purchase your drinks. Please take time to browse the posters located near the pubs in Y2 and U3.

When submitting your oral presentation please name your file as follows: SXX-Last Name where XX is your session number and the Last Name is the name of the lead author as shown in the schedule. If you have an oral presentation on Monday please submit your talk at the ice breaker on Sunday at the help desk on the 2nd floor in Geovetenskaps hus or before the opening ceremonies on Monday at Aula Magna. For all other days please submit your presentation at the help desk the day before your presentation at the latest.

For poster talks please mail your slide to ipa.ial.2018 at the day before your poster talk at the latest. Please name your file as follows: SXXY-Last name where XX is your session number and Y is the order you have been given as per the schedule.

We are making an effort to reduce the use of single use plastics so please bring your own water bottle to help in the effort.

The university buildings are open to the public and we have had incidents of theft in Geovetenskaps hus. As such please do not leave your belongings unattended.

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Poster Contest

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