Courses & Meetings

A number of pre-symposium courses will be held

Note that these are independently organized activities so please contact the respective organizers for details or questions.

June 13 and 14
Itrax advanced users training, Cox Analytical
The Cox’s “Advance operator training” course is a combined demonstration/training for Itrax operators focusing on the various aspects of post processing of Itrax scanner datasets. The training course is a very “hands on” demonstration and exercise of the post processing software tools like Q-Spec and ReDiCore, provided by Cox, for handling the large data-sets generated by the Itrax Core Scanner instruments. The training includes: spectra data validation, handling of “difficult” spectral data, data correlation and how to combine and present radiographic, optical and XRF data.
Please contact Bengt Stocklassa at Cox Analytical for information: bengt at
The first 10 registered conference attendees on the Cox’s “Advance operator training” will have the fee for the course waived.
June 15
Xelerate: Advanced XRF data analyses, Rik Tjallingii
This one-day course offers and introduction to the theory and use of the Xelerate software. The software has been developed by Dr. M. Bloemsma and facilitates all the recent developments for log-ratio calibration and multivariate statistical analyses of XRF scanning as published by Weltje & Tjallingii (2008) and Weltje et al. (2015). The course will focus on using Xelerate software for (1) Visualization of XRF results; (2) Calibration sample selection; (3) Log-ratio calibration of XRF scanning data; and (4) Multivariate data analyses. The course is free of charge and limited to 25 applicants. Please register by email before 2017-05-18.
Contact Rik Tjallingii, rik.tjallingii at, to sign up.

Download Xelerate here.
June 17
Workshop on subfossil chironomids, Maarten van Hardenbroek and Stefan Engels
A lot of progress has been made in the field of subfossil chironomid research since the last ‘DeadHead’ meeting in 2013. We hope to invite colleagues interested in chironomid-studies to this short workshop where we will combine presentations with (tbc) microscope time and plenary discussions on outstanding issues in the field. Please let the organisers know if you would like to participate, if you are interested in having some microscope time to look at tricky midges, or if there are any topics you’d like to raise in the plenary discussion. We’ll aim to keep the costs for attendance to a minimum, and will provide more information closer to the actual meeting.

Please contact Maarten van Hardenbroek (maarten.vanhardenbroek at or Stefan Engels (s.engels at for information.
June 15-17
Statistics & R workshop, Gavin Simpson and Steve Juggins
The aim of the Palaeo R Workshop is to provide participants an introduction to using R to manage, plot, and analyse palaeoenvironmental data using the R statistical software. The workshop will run for ~2.5 days from Friday 15th June through mid afternoon on Sunday 17th June, wrapping up in time to head to the IPA-IAL 2018 Icebreaker.

The workshop will cover:
1. Data wrangling (import, manipulation, processing) and the tidyverse
2. Plotting and exploratory data analysis with ggplot and base R graphics
3. An introduction to Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) and Generalized Additive Models (GAMs)
4. Palaeoenvironmental time series analysis using GAMs
5. "Attendee choice" (you tell us what you want to cover!)

Some previous experience with using R is assumed; if you've used R before to plot some data you should be OK. If you want to brush up on your R skills ahead of the workshop, consider taking the (free) Introduction to R course from DataCamp

The workshop will be held at the University of Stockholm, in the same location as the IPA-IAL conference. We'll provide updated details on specific buildings/rooms nearer the workshop date.

To book a place on the workshop you need to claim a ticket. Tickets are free and are offered on a first-come first-served basis (30 tickets are available). To register for the workshop and claim a ticket, please see the Workshop page on Eventbrite.